Acme Packet SBC looping after attempted upgrade

When upgrading the Oracle SBC it fails and keeps looping without actually booting up> boot device          : eth unit number          : 0 processor number     : 0 host name            : XX.XX.XX file name            : /boot/nnECZ730mXX.XX inet on ethernet (e) : x.x.x.x:ffffff00 gateway inet (g)     : x.x.x.x user (u)             : vx ftp password (pw)    : vx flags … More Acme Packet SBC looping after attempted upgrade

Cisco WebEx share

The New Cisco WebEx share is targeted towards making any room into a conference room, sometimes you may have a conference room but not enabled for Video Conferencing, thereby enhancing the conference experience. This product is a low cost option to convert the TV in that room into a high quality  collaboration experience whereby one … More Cisco WebEx share

Cisco WebEx Assistant

We all agree Technology should be an enabler not a hindrance. In the collaboration area, enabling colleagues to be able to communicate with each other without the need to understand technology but rather to ensure the medium used to contact another is simple and causing the least hindrance possible. Aside from the area of interoperability … More Cisco WebEx Assistant

Error connecting to a S4B and CMS Dual Homed Call

When attempting to Join a Microsoft Skype meeting the call from a Cisco Endpoint fails, a point to point however does not, looking at the logs it suggests that it cannot find the conference “” not found 2018-06-19 12:53:27.669 Info 2000 log messages cleared by “admin” 2018-06-19 12:53:34.558 Info call 16: incoming encrypted SIP call … More Error connecting to a S4B and CMS Dual Homed Call

OBTP not updating

When attempting to setup a Skype for Business meeting from a client inviting a Cisco DX80 endpoint it was not updating, having a look at the logs it seems like a Credentials error : 2018-06-19 13:34:19,401 [MeetingSynchronizerThread] INFO – Forcing update for endpoint 2018-06-19 13:34:19,401 [MeetingSynchronizerThread] INFO – Sending out OBTP information to endpoint … More OBTP not updating