Ephone Hunt Groups

Ephone hunt groups give you the ability to direct calls to a specific group of numbers.

an example (sequential):
UC520(config)#ephone-hunt 1 sequential
UC520(config-ephone-hunt)#Pilot 1400
UC520(config-ephone-hunt)#LISt 203, 202, 200
UC520(config-ephone-hunt)#timeout 6
UC520(config-ephone-hunt)#final 201

UC520(config-telephony)#max-Redirect 10

UC520(config)#voice-port 0/1/0
UC520(config-voiceport)#connection plar opx 1400

—— Calls forwarded in sequential order

—— first phone to ring will be number right of previous phone rang, in a ’round robin’ or circular manner
Longest Idle
—— in this case the phone which has been Idle the longest will ring first and folllow until it goes to Voicemail


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