Good old BT, finally going for SIP

BT has finally decided that they, like many others, will be providing SIP Trunking, “We are not fully launched yet but at least this will give you an early indication as to whether the service fits your requirements.

This is what it will offer:
–A customer has PBX or IP-PBX
–A media gateway is located at the customer’s site and converts calls into IP.
–Incoming and outgoing calls can then utilise the customer’s broadband connection.
–Customers can continue to use their existing PBX and handsets.
–Sold on a per licence basis. One licence = one SIP Trunk.

Other Info:

Speed to market
— 2-3 weeks to launch
– – Geographically redundant
– – No service outage since Oct 2006
– -Fully integrated with BT Wholesale’s IP Exchange
-Service Providers have full control over brand and are fully autonomous
– – Portals and applications can be branded
– – Provisioning portal means that Service Providers have full control over customer provisioning and moves, adds, cancellations
-SIP Trunking can be integrated into the same network

I personally think this is a great move by them as the market is polluted by many current vendor’s (our partner in particular) offering very poor service. BT will definitely add competition to this market not forgetting better service, by a long way

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