Configuring Outlook Notification +Troubleshooting

Step 1 – Configure SMTP Server
CUE(config)# smtp server address auth none

Step 2 – Configure Outgoing Email Address
CUE(config)# voicemail configuration outgoing-email from-address

Step 3 – Enable Message Notification for a Subscriber/Group
CUE(config)# voicemail notification owner Yusuf enable

Step 4- Enable Email Option
under the GUI, enable the email option for the user

Show Commands
show voicemail notification queue email
show voicemail notification
show voicemail notification restriction-table
show smtp server
show voicemail configuration

no trace all
trace voicemail msgnotif processemail
trace configapi smtp debug

After call is made and message lights lits up, collect the output of “show trace buffer tail”

Cisco Outlook Notification Page
Microsoft – Testing SMTP server

SMTP Server List
Test SMTP Server


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