CUCM Administration

  • CUCM User Options: end users customise own IP Phones:-
    • Call Forwarding
    • Speed Dials
    • 99 Abbreviated dialing softkeys
    • Subscribe to IP phone Services
    • Access XML web based Applications
    • Personal Address book and Fast Dials
    • MWI
    • User Locale, Password & Pin information
    • Users with permission can access
  • CUCM Administration Interface:Configure routing, VM, devices, apps etc
    • System config, including CUCM Groups, Presence Groups, device mobility, device pools, regions, locations, phone security profile etc
    • Call routing configuration; dial rules, rp, call hunting, time of day routing, partitioning, CSS, Intercom, call park, pickup etc
    • Media Resource configuration; Conference bridges, transcoders, MoH, MTP etc
    • Voicemail Configuration
    • Device Configuration incl Gateways, gk, trunks, IP Phones etc
    • Application; incl manager, assistant, attendant console, etc
    • User management incl end user, application user, groups, roles
      • CUCM Admin has access
  • Cisco Unified Serviceability
    • Configure alarms, logs and traces (troubleshooting cucm)
    • Call Detail Records (CDR) disk storage external billing servers. CUCM can create CDR’s and call management records (CMR), providing detailed information about call activities and voice quality. Admin can limit the disk space used  and configure CUCM to copy this info to external billing servers using SFTP
    • Activate, deactivate, stop, start network & features services
    • Configure SNMP
    • Serviceability reports are  automatically created every night to allow system analysis based on monitoring objects. Can be seen from Serviceability web pages
      • CUCM Admin has access
  • Disaster Recovery System
    • Write backups to physical Tape drive or remote SFTP server
    • Supports full cluster backups
    • Ad-hoc backup and restore jobs
    • Scheduled backups
  • Operating System Administration
    • Check software and hardware status
    • Upgrade system software and install or upgrade options
    • View or update IP address
    • Manage NTP servers
    • Manage Server security, including IPsec configuration and certificates
    • Ping other network devices
    • Manage remote support accounts
      • Platform Admin Password
  • Command Line Interface
    • OS & DRS GUI
      • Display platform information, product version, CPU, memory, disk usage, platform hardware, serial number etc
      • Display network, process and load information
      • Configure Platform admin accounts
      • Change platform administrator account pw/ & Security p/w’s
      • Disaster reciovery tasks
      • Use tools like Ping, traceroute, and packet capture
      • Change network configuration settings
      • System restart, shutdown and switch versions
        • Platform Admin Password

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