CUCM Best Practices

1) Use IP addresses instead of Host Names

 System -> Server
 System -> Enterprise Parameters Configuration
                      URL Authentication
                      URL Directories 
                      URL Information
                      URL Services

2) Use Descriptive names, for example 

 VM-Name = indicates Voicemail
 DP-Main= Indicates Device Pool
 HP-Main- indicates Hunt Pilot

3) Add a Description for the phone, like Joe Bloggs 2301, will automatically let you know that the phone belongs to joe Bloggs, extension 2301. this saves you from having to go into the line to figure it out. so remove MAC address (SEP0007XXXXXXXX) and replace with a descriptive name

4) Dont use the default Device Pool, this will cause confusion when the site grows

5) Do Not use CMLocal, create your own time zone

6) Keep the usernames consistant. most of my usernames are first two letters of first name and last name. Joe Bloggs = JoBloggs

7) Create User Friendly softkeys. remove any unecessary softkeys.

8) reduce the T.302 timer. The  default timer is set to 15000 milliseconds (15 secs)

Service Parameter -> Call Manager -> T302 Timer 

9) Enable Dependancy Records.

Enterprise Parameters -> Enable Dependency Records  (default value is False)


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