How to disable the Corporate Directory or relocate it

The Corporate / Personal Directory is avaliable by default on CUCM because it is specified as an Enterprise Subscription. You can disable the directories completely on a per phone basis by modifying the “Services Provisioning” in the phone to ‘External URL’ and thereafter specifying a bogus address under “External Data Locations Information” > Directory parameter to say Http://00 .

The draw back of this is that the user will not be able to access the directories button (so they cant see missed calls, recievec calls etc) and if the user is using Voicemail, their ‘Msgs’ button will stop working and they will get a ‘No Services Configured’ message.

The Best solution is to remove the Corporate Directory Enterprise Subscription, this is done by Device > Device Settings > Phone Services then click on the Corporate Directory hyperlink and change the “Service Type” to ‘Standard IP Phone Service’ and thereafter subscribe individual phones to this service, and it will be accessable through the services button


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