View phone display remotely

Whilst troubleshooting a paging application, the developer pointed us to a neat web page, it allows us to view the state of an IP Phone. Useful when troubleshooting.

Step 1:
Add Phone to the control of an Application user

Step 2:
navigate to

http://<Phone IP>/CGI/Screenshot

and enter credentials.

this will allow us to see the phone state.

so if someone calls in and says i cant hear my phone ring:

Its because your phone is on DND …Doh!

Additional Links
I had a quick look online and Louis Marascio (on added the following that may be useful

/CGI/Screenshot — CIP or PNG screenshot from current on phone
/CGI/LineInfo¬† — DN of *each* line, Message Waiting(bool), Ringer Type
/CGI/ModeInfo — information about what’s physically displayed on the phone
/CGI/SettingsInfo — information on current/min/max ring/handset/headset volumes
/CGI/CallInfo — Shows current status of up to 2 calls on the phone, with from number, from DisplayName, to number, to DisplayName, duration of call, and call state (ringing, connected, hold, etc)
/DeviceInformationX — model, firmware, SEP, boot load
/NetworkConfigurationX — everything you see under Key:Settings
/EthernetInformationX — network info regarding TX/RX
/PortInformationX?3 — EthernetInformationX on steroids
/StreamingStatisticsX?2 — All types of info about the current call,
jitter, total packets, etc

3 thoughts on “View phone display remotely

  1. Hello, what do you mean by :

    Step 1:
    Add Phone to the control of an Application user

    i don’t understand this step.


    • if you navigate to User Management -> Application user; Add the phone MAC address under teh c ontrol of the Application user.

      how did you come accross this site?

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