Switch on/off Recruitment Hotline + Leave VM

Customer requirement was to have setup a ‘recruitment hotline’, so when they advertise a vacancy, they could enable it and Applicants could leave a message and disable it when they do not require it, so when disabled,  it would play a message that the recruitment hotline is not avaliable.

Step 1  – CUCM

1) Setup a CTI RP
2) Create a User Account (Optional)

Step 2 – Unity Connection

0.1a) create a Closed Schedule
1) Import New User from CUCM or Create a new user + Apply Schedule
2) Go to Edit -> Transfer Rule -> Enable ‘Closed’ via check box and save
2) Under the User go to Edit -> Greetings -> click on the ‘Alternate’ hyperlink
    Set the following:
            a) Callers Hear : My Personal Recording
            b) After Greeting: ‘Accept Message’
            c) Recording: Add/Record a new Audio file (optional: Can be done via phone)
 4) follow the above for ‘Closed’ but set ‘After Greeting’ to ‘hangup’ and enable

Step 3 – Phone Management 

Option 1: the Complicated :-
Press the VM button -> * to access anothe mailbox -> Dial ext -> Dial Pin -> and Dial 4122 to enable/disable this feature

Try explaing that to the user….. and see the reaction on their faces :p …….

Option 2 :- the not so complicated

1) If they have a 796X or a 797X ip phone, then assign a button with the above extension (but in a different partition).
2) in Unity Connection, under User check ‘Skip Password When Calling From a Known Extension’

Now the Steps
On the IP Phone: Activate the line, Press the VM button + 4122


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