Extracting log file from CUCM CLI

since my RTMT has problems working properly, the following is how to extract the log file from the CUCM CLI

1) Log in to the CUCM CLI
2) locate the file you wish to download

admin: file list activelog /cm/trace/ccm/sdi/
ccm00000001.txt                         ccm00000002.txt
ccm00000003.txt                         ccm00000004.txt
ccm00000005.txt                         ccm00000006.txt
ccm00000007.txt                         ccm00000008.txt
ccm00000009.txt                         ccm00000010.txt

3) Download FreeFTPd as a SFTP server if you dont already have one, setup user account + Start Service
4) Select + download the file from CUCM

admin: file get activelog /cm/trace/ccm/sdi/ccm00000009.txt
Please wait while the system is gathering files info …done.
Sub-directories were not traversed.
Number of files affected: 1
Total size in Bytes: 2096996
Total size in Kbytes: 2047.8477
Would you like to proceed [y/n]? Y
SFTP server port [22]:
User ID: admin
Password: *****
Download directory: /
Transfer completed.

4) View file by navigating to the trace file downloaded on your computer. i would recommend opening the file in another neat utility ‘Notepad++

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