Panic Alarm for Retailers

How to create a Panic Alarm for CUCM

customer requirement was to have retailers be able to easily access/call security incase of emergency.
The Following Script allowed me to create the Panic Alarm function.

Step 1
The Script

<Title>Panic Services Menu</Title>

Please only use this incase of Emergency.
Created by (C) Yusuf Ali  2010</Text>
<Prompt>in Emergency Please Press Below</Prompt>

Step 2: The Webserver
a) Install/Start IIS
B) Add Website (by right clicking ‘Sites’)
c) give the site a name and physical path
Step 3: The CUCM
Point the CUCM Idle Value to the Webserver and set idle timeout to a value (secs) and set the Idle Timer (seconds)
The Result:

Additional Resources

Cisco IP Phone Services Application Development Notes for Release 3.3(2)
Cisco Developers Network (CCO)

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