Changing CUCM IP Address

Changing the CUCM ip address can be difficult if you don t do it the right way, on one instance i got a “Database Communication Error” ūüė¶

so anyways here it goes:

Step 1
Change the Server IP address (CUCM: System-> Server)

Step 2
login to the CUCM CLI and set the Gateway address:

admin:set network gateway

 WARNING: Changing this setting will invalidate software license on this server. The license will have to be re-hosted.
 Continue (y/n)?y
     ***   W A R N I N G   ***
This will cause the system to temporarily lose network connectivity

 Continue (y/n)?y



Step 3
Set the IP address

admin: set network ip eth0
***   W A R N I N G   ***
If there are IP addresses (not hostnames)
configured in CallManager Administration

under System -> Servers

then you must change the IP address there BEFORE
changing it here or call processing will fail.

This will cause the system to restart

 Note: To recognize the new IP address all nodes within
       the cluster will have to be manually rebooted.

Continue (y/n)?y

Warning: Restart could take upto 5 minutes….
Shutting down Service Manager will take some time..
INIT: Sending processes the TERM signal
¬†¬†¬†¬† Service Manager shutting down services… Please Wait

The system is going to reboot NOW!


Restart has succeeded

 Step 4
make any necessary changes on the LAN… Done ūüôā


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