Configuring Meet-Me conferencing with entry tones


Here is how to create a Meet-me conference

Step 1 – Create the Custom tones

voice class custom-cptone leave
 dualtone conference
  frequency 700 800
  cadence 450 500
voice class custom-cptone join
 dualtone conference
  frequency 500 600
  cadence 450 500

Step 2 Create SCCP Groups (for CME) and associate dspfarm + Specify custom tones

sccp ccm group 1
 bind interface Vlan301
 associate ccm 1 priority 1
 associate profile 2 register scxcode
 associate profile 1 register scconf
dspfarm profile 1 conference 
 codec g711ulaw
 codec g711alaw
 codec g729ar8
 codec g729abr8
 codec g729r8
 codec g729br8
 maximum sessions 2
 conference-join custom-cptone join 
 conference-leave custom-cptone leave
 associate application SCCP

Step 3: register to CME

 sdspfarm units 2
 sdspfarm transcode sessions 3
 sdspfarm tag 1 scconf
 sdspfarm tag 2 scxcode

Step 4: create a Meet-me dn

ephone-dn  50  octo-line
 number 4321 no-reg primary
 conference meetme

Step 5: create a ephone template  and assign to phone



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