Flash MOH format/size issue

I was recently asked by a client to upload a Music file as their MoH. The file format given was not supported, and to make it that little bit difficult it was a music video!.

I Installed WMConverter to convert the movie to an MP3 Audio file, thereafter i used Audacity to to edit the Audio. exported the file as a .WAV but the problem was the file was 24MB in size!! I tried using the recorder in Windows7 to change the format but it did not work as you can only record :(. Since i had a VirtualPC (XP) installed on Windows7 , i booted it up.
copied the file over, and changed the format to A-LAW 8,000kHz and magically the file was reduced from 24MB to 1.5MB 🙂

copied to Router Flash and loaded on to CME. happy days. job done !


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