Unity Connection Overview

Unity Connection is a standalone application, unlike Unity which relies heavily on AD/SQL/Exchange. The OS Used is referred as VTG OS. Voice Technology Group OS, it is the same OS used in CUCM. This is the reason they can both reside on the same server.

When Calls are forwarded to voicemail because they are either busy (CFB) or not answered (CFNA). The phone system forwards this information to the voicemail system.

Example of CFNA (extracted from diag_CuCsMgr_00000013.uc file)

05/31/2011 16:56:09.360 |10283,PhoneSystem-1-001,B295,Arbiter,-1,
Incoming Call [callerID=‘999’
callerName=” calledID=‘1010’ redirectingID=’1010′ lastRedirectingID=‘1010’ reason=4=FwdNoAnswer lastReason=4=FwdNoAnswer]
port=PhoneSystem-1-001 portsInUse=1 ansPortsFree=23 callGuid=B0D00F13D39E98295|

Example of CFB (extracted from diag_CuCsMgr_00000013.uc file)

05/31/2011 16:57:13.740 |10264,PhoneSystem-1-001,D4ED5, Arbiter,-1,
Incoming Call [callerID=’999‘ callerName=” calledID=’1010‘ redirectingID=’1010′ lastRedirectingID=’1010’ reason=2=FwdBusy
lastReason=2=FwdBusy] port=PhoneSystem-1-001 portsInUse=1 ansPortsFree=23 callGuid=D4ED9AA74038775|

There are five different greetings:-

There are three types of call handlers:
■ System call handlers: used ty build a menu system, and contains recorded prompts; like “press 1 for…”
■ Interview handlers: used to extract information from the caller that requires more than one question, upto 20
■ Directory handlers: this allows callers to dial by name

There are three types of Unity connection users;
■ users with mailbox;
■ users without mailboxes (such as admins)
■ contacts: adding someone to the directory and forwarding voicemails to their voicemail system.

“Unity” Networking are of four types:
■ Digital; allows multiple Unity systems within the same directory, such as AD,
to seamlessly interact with one another
■ VPIM; allows Unity to interface with non-Unity voicemail servers through a
TCP/IP link ££
■ AMIS: allows Unity to interface with a non-Unity voicemail system across
analog lines ££
■ Bridge: is used to connect a Unity system with an Octel voicemail system ££

Unity Connection only supports Digital and VPIM Networking

Patches can be found on cisco.com, you can also recieve email alerts; register at the Product Alert Tool (PAT)  

Further reading
Data Sheets


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