Configuring VoiceView on CUE

Step 1: Configure VoiceView in CUE

CUE(config)# service voiceview
CUE(config-voiceview)# ?
enable      Enable the voiceview service
end            Leave voiceview configuration mode
no              Delete configuration command
default     Use default value
session     voiceview session
CUE(config-voiceview)# enable
CUE(config-voiceview)# session ?
idletimeout       Session idle timeout
CUE(config-voiceview)# session idletimeout 15

Step 2: Search for VoiceView Url in CUE

 CUE# show voiceview configuration
Phone service URL:       http://<CUE-hostname>/voiceview/common/
Enabled:                 Yes
Idle Timeout (minutes):  15

Step 3: Configure URL in CME

CME(config-telephony)#url servhttp://
Updating CNF files
CNF files updating complete


Step 3: Check Sessions

CUE# show voicev ses

Mailbox         RTP User ID                         Phone MAC Address
1002            No  phone2                            0026.0BD6.FF41
1001            No  phone1                            0025.84A2.BC70

2 session(s)
0 active RTP stream(s)

You can also add this as a Service in CUCM.


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