Google Unified Messaging (GUM) integration to Cisco CUE via IMAP

CUE -> CME -> ADSL Router -> Internet

CUE Configuration

 Enable the imap service

service imap
maxsessions 3
session idletimeout 120
end imap

Create a Group with Integrated messaging capability and assign user to that group

groupname imapy create
groupname imapy privilege vm-imap
username yusufali group imapy
username yusufali password 1234


Here is the standard CME Configuration

ip route
interface Service-Engine1/0
ip unnumbered GigabitEthernet0/1.100
service-module ip address
service-module ip default-gateway
ip route Service-Engine1/0

ADSL Router

Permit IMAP on port 143, security can be enhanced by specifying Amazon web farm address

ip access-list extended inbound-acl
permit tcp any any eq 143
deny ip any any log

Assign the ACL to the external interface

interface Dialer1
  ip access-group inbound-acl in

create a NAT rule mapping 143 to CUE Module

ip nat inside source static tcp 143 interface Dialer1 143

use a port scanner to Check if IMAP port is open

x.x.x.x is responding on port 143 (imap).

Google Configuration

you can add the gadget in IGoogle or Gmail

Example of adding in Gmail:-

1) Go to mail Settings (on top right) -> Labs -> enable “Add any gadget by URL

2) Go to Gadgets tab and add Gadget by URL:

the gadget should appear on the left on your inbox. Enter credentials here:



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