Cluster Manager service connectivity test

Dec  10 12:04:54 AXD-SUB1 local7 6 : 2432: Dec 10 12:04:54.257 UTC :  %CCM_CLUSTERMANAGER-CLUSTERMANAGER-6-CLM_PeerState: Current ClusterMgr session state. Node’s Name or IP:AXD-PUB Node’s State:POLICY_INJECTED App ID:Cisco Cluster Manager Cluster ID: Node ID:AXD-SUB1

noticed the above notification in the CUCM syslog every few minutes. This is a connectivity test performed by the CUCM cluster manager service to the Publisher . This is a unecessary alert as there is no policy state change.

This can only be stopped by a TAC Engineer, the process is as follows:

1) Create a TAC user account

admin:utils remote_account enable
admin:utils remote_account create ciscotac 30

2) on the Subscriber stop the Cluster Manager Service

admin:utils service stop Cluster Manager
Service Stopped
Cluster Manager [STOPPED]

3) Cisco TAC will apply the following command in root to disable cluster manager notification:-

[root@AXD-SUB1 ~]# /usr/local/platform/bin/clm/clm_ctl set clm_network_test_timer 0

4) restart the service cluster manager service

admin:utils service start Cluster Manager
Service Started
Cluster Manager [STARTED]

This Service may cause drop outs on the phone system, and best done out of hours. It takes a few minutes (more like seconds) to complete.

BugID CSCtc27081
Affected Version/s:
Fixed in:


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