Acme Packet SBC looping after attempted upgrade

When upgrading the Oracle SBC it fails and keeps looping without actually booting up>

boot device          : eth

unit number          : 0

processor number     : 0

host name            : XX.XX.XX

file name            : /boot/nnECZ730mXX.XX

inet on ethernet (e) : x.x.x.x:ffffff00

gateway inet (g)     : x.x.x.x

user (u)             : vx

ftp password (pw)    : vx

flags (f)            : 0x0

target name (tn)     : XX.XX.XX

Loading /boot/…/boot: volume uses UTF-16 on disk, but Unicode is disabled

CAUTION: 32bit CPU attempting to boot an untagged Linux image.
If system hangs, power cycle and set boot file to a 32bit image.

Boot protocol version 2.10

Found kernel version string: 2.6.39-el6uek.v2.6.39-400.298.2-cov (acme@goose) #2SMP PREEMPT Thu May 17 16:19:36 EDT 2018

Kernel cmdline = console=ttyS0,115200,n8 flags=0x00000000 hostname=x.x.x.x  acmeplatform=SD3 crashkernel=128M quiet

Starting at 0x1f863d5a…

kernel_start = 0x208a9010

kernel_size = 0x0388b7d0

Acme Packet Net-Net 3820

Processor speed: 1.866 GHz

Stage 1 (built Nov  1 2013 11:09:15)

/boot: volume uses UTF-16 on disk, but Unicode is disabled

Stage 2 (built Nov  1 2013 11:09:15)

Resolution is to boot back to previous image by changing the /boot/oldimage and freeing up space on the /boot/ folder. revert back to new image and it should upgrade.

other possibilities could be incorrect stage3 bootloader.


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