About me

I have been working on Telephony and Unifed Communications for a number of years, from deploying basic CallManager Express installations to designing and deploying global UC estates.. In my current role i am working as a Solutions Architect with a specific interest in Video Conferencing.

My Journey to UC has been an interesting one… way back in the old days of ‘dial up’ modem, i setup a Microsoft Netmeeting Video call on my Windows Millennium Edition PC for an elderly relative to call abroad. Yes, the connection was poor comparing to todays standards, i mean what can we expect on a 56k modem speed? things started to fail and i fixed the issues and he was very impressed. This was our first Video call!. He then encouraged me to get involved in IT more professionally which i did.

At the beginning i wanted to do break-fix so started off certifying with the CompTIA A+ and Microsoft certified Professional (XP) certifications it was an amazing feeling passing the exams but took alot out in achieving the certifications. I remember a colleague who was studying his CCNA, and upon seeing how thick the book i vowed i would never pursue a Cisco certification. Cutting the story short and Fast forward a few years i completed my CCNA and some years later CCVP and thereafter successfully passed the highly valued CCIE Voice and the MCSE Communications certifications… in my case it was the perfect example of ‘never say never’..

its rather odd looking back all these years later to find myself where it first started; Video

I work on various technologies, and have an interest in Cisco and Microsoft offerings, not only because they both have contributed substantially to this area but i believe they drive of each others energy to continuously innovate which makes this space ever more interesting.

This blog is primarily used to gather my notes and thoughts, if it helps others i am happy đŸ™‚

Yusuf Ali
Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/ccievoice/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cciecollab


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