Error connecting to a S4B and CMS Dual Homed Call

When attempting to Join a Microsoft Skype meeting the call from a Cisco Endpoint fails, a point to point however does not, looking at the logs it suggests that it cannot find the conference “” not found 2018-06-19 12:53:27.669 Info 2000 log messages cleared by “admin” 2018-06-19 12:53:34.558 Info call 16: incoming encrypted SIP call … More Error connecting to a S4B and CMS Dual Homed Call

OBTP not updating

When attempting to setup a Skype for Business meeting from a client inviting a Cisco DX80 endpoint it was not updating, having a look at the logs it seems like a Credentials error : 2018-06-19 13:34:19,401 [MeetingSynchronizerThread] INFO – Forcing update for endpoint 2018-06-19 13:34:19,401 [MeetingSynchronizerThread] INFO – Sending out OBTP information to endpoint … More OBTP not updating

Lync E911 notes

70 years ago UK was one of the first countries to introduce Emergency services  PSAP ensures Emergency services in the vicinity where ER notified  LIS  Location information for E911 stored in LIS database when is replicated to all servers along with XDS (Configuration Management Server)  Ensures no delay when location infor is requested for Emergency … More Lync E911 notes

2x NICS, 3xIP addresses + URLs for each edge roles  Remote access to Lync Server infrastructure  4x Separate services (on Right)  Conferencing Capabilities   LS Conference needs  IM Conferencing  Web  Audio/Video  PSTN  Audio conference provider (ACP) integration (Online  Third party SIP endpoints  PIC Overview  Integrate IM with Skype, Win live etc  PIC provisioning process  Licenses then … More

Lync High Availability Notes

Meeting types  Dialin  Reservation-less ~25 attendees  Managed >100 PSTN Conference features  Handling small/medium calls: DTMF controls, entry/exit announcements  Simpler join: restricted/unauth are kept in lobby – name recording for unauthorised DTMF commands can be customised via PS: Get-CSDialinConfDtmfConfiguration Deploying PSTN conferencing services  Conference Modes  AV Conferencing  Web Conferencing (collaboration tools)  Dial-in Conferencing  New Features  Customise email invitations  … More Lync High Availability Notes