Error connecting to a S4B and CMS Dual Homed Call

When attempting to Join a Microsoft Skype meeting the call from a Cisco Endpoint fails, a point to point however does not, looking at the logs it suggests that it cannot find the conference “” not found 2018-06-19 12:53:27.669 Info 2000 log messages cleared by “admin” 2018-06-19 12:53:34.558 Info call 16: incoming encrypted SIP call … More Error connecting to a S4B and CMS Dual Homed Call

OBTP not updating

When attempting to setup a Skype for Business meeting from a client inviting a Cisco DX80 endpoint it was not updating, having a look at the logs it seems like a Credentials error : 2018-06-19 13:34:19,401 [MeetingSynchronizerThread] INFO – Forcing update for endpoint 2018-06-19 13:34:19,401 [MeetingSynchronizerThread] INFO – Sending out OBTP information to endpoint … More OBTP not updating

MS Lync Backup Pool Setup

Now define Resiliency settings This will do for Se2 Now Publish Topology NEXT STEPS >> Install Database Install-CsDatabase -CentralManagementDatabase -SqlServerFqdn se02.lab.local -SqlInstanceName rtc THEN run Install or Update Setup/Update on SE1/SE2 WARNINGS Can not update database XDS” If you get a warning doing the above, May need to install SQL on SE2 install-csdatabase –centralmanagementdatabase –sqlserverfqdn … More MS Lync Backup Pool Setup

Configuring LS2013 for Archiving

LSMS Set-CsArchivingConfiguration -Identity Global -EnableArchiving ImAndWebConf -EnableExchangeArchiving $True —> Result —> Create Policy Assigning users Archiving Policy Grant-CsArchivingPolicy -Identity “Lync Jill” -PolicyName “London User Policy” Setting Archiving Policy (Options NoArchiving|Uninitialized|UseLyncArchivingPolicy|ArchivingToExchange) for all in a pool Get-CsUser -Filter {registrarpool -eq “se01.lab.local”} | Set-CsUser -ExchangeArchivingPolicy ArchivingToExchange  -verbo BEFORE AFTER Get-CsUser | Where-Object {$_.ExchangeArchivingPolicy -eq “ArchivingToExchange”} | Select … More Configuring LS2013 for Archiving