MS Lync Backup Pool Setup

Now define Resiliency settings This will do for Se2 Now Publish Topology NEXT STEPS >> Install Database Install-CsDatabase -CentralManagementDatabase -SqlServerFqdn se02.lab.local -SqlInstanceName rtc THEN run Install or Update Setup/Update on SE1/SE2 WARNINGS Can not update database XDS” If you get a warning doing the above, May need to install SQL on SE2 install-csdatabase –centralmanagementdatabase –sqlserverfqdn … More MS Lync Backup Pool Setup

Configuring LS2013 for Archiving

LSMS Set-CsArchivingConfiguration -Identity Global -EnableArchiving ImAndWebConf -EnableExchangeArchiving $True —> Result —> Create Policy Assigning users Archiving Policy Grant-CsArchivingPolicy -Identity “Lync Jill” -PolicyName “London User Policy” Setting Archiving Policy (Options NoArchiving|Uninitialized|UseLyncArchivingPolicy|ArchivingToExchange) for all in a pool Get-CsUser -Filter {registrarpool -eq “se01.lab.local”} | Set-CsUser -ExchangeArchivingPolicy ArchivingToExchange  -verbo BEFORE AFTER Get-CsUser | Where-Object {$_.ExchangeArchivingPolicy -eq “ArchivingToExchange”} | Select … More Configuring LS2013 for Archiving

Lync Archiving

Need Exchange [conf] Can archive whiteboard and poll 1. Active Directory Add user to RTC Universal Server Admins Group NEW Certiificate 2. Exchange Step 1: See if all is ok, is mailbox updating and ready for provisioning Get-MailboxDatabase | select Name,*Provis* Find Script Run Script cd ‘C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Scripts’ .\Configure-EnterprisePartnerApplication.ps1 -AuthMetadataUrl https://se01.lab.local/metadata/json/1 -ApplicationType Lync IIS … More Lync Archiving

Prepare First SE server

It will check the pre-requisites Checking prerequisite WMIEnabled…prerequisite satisfied. Checking prerequisite NoOtherVersionInstalled…prerequisite satisfied. Checking prerequisite SupportedOS…prerequisite satisfied. Checking prerequisite PowerShell…prerequisite satisfied. Checking prerequisite WindowsIdentityFoundation…prerequisite satisfied. Checking prerequisite SupportedSqlRtc…prerequisite satisfied. Checking prerequisite VCredist…prerequisite satisfied. As part of this install the following will be installed SQL Server 2008 Express Edition will be installed RTC databases will be … More Prepare First SE server

Deploy Monitoring Reports

Report: Response Group Usage Report published successfully with no warnings Report: Response Group Call List Report published successfully with no warnings “http://SE1:80/ReportServer_MONITOR/Pages/ReportViewer.aspx?%2fLyncServerReports%2fReports+Home+Page” has been added to ReportingConfiguration. Monitoring Reports have been successfully deployed. http://se01.lab.local/ReportServer_MONITOR/Pages/ReportViewer.aspx?%2fLyncServerReports%2fReports+Home+Page Separate SQL The Monitoring Database is using SQL instance “sql01.lab.local\MONITOR”. The data source is using SQL instance “(local)\MONITOR”. Could not get … More Deploy Monitoring Reports

Lync Monitoring and Archiving

Deploying Architectures for M&A LCS introduced CDR / Archiving OCS2007 introduced monitoring Only Archiving server can use Exchange server 2013 as alternative Unlike previous versions neither roles require Ms Message Queue (MSMQ) to be installed Defined in Topology Builder Separate SQL instance required when performance of SQL server is critical SE requires separate SQL server, … More Lync Monitoring and Archiving