Music oh Hold

Step 1: Under Service Param -> IP Voice Media Streaming Apps, set the supported codecs to “G711mulaw” and “729 Anex A”

Step 2: under Music on Hold Audio Source Configuration, Allow Multicasting

Step 3: Create a MoH Device Pool and add teh MoH Server to the MoH_DP
enable multicasting and set the multicast address to be the same as the Pub/Sub for easy ID e.g.
set Increment Multicast on IP Address
set the max hops optional

Step 4: Gateway Confiugration:

interface GigabitEthernet0/0.202
description **** Voice
encapsulation dot1Q 202
ip address
ip helper-address redundancy

ip pim dense-mode

interface Loopback0
ip address
ip pim dense-mode
ccm-manager music-on-hold bind Loopback0
em logout 0:0 0:0 0:0
max-ephones 1
max-dn 1
ip source-address port 2000
max-conferences 8 gain -6
multicast moh port 16384 route
transfer-system full-consult
create cnf-files version-stamp 7960 Dec 03 2010 05:24:38



CM to CUE Voicemail problem

scenario #
CM -> Gatekeeper -> CME -> CUE

When CUCM user calls CME User and reaches voicemail, the call fails. they get a fast busy tone.

I had a look to see whether it was transcoding, but it wasnt

CME#sh scc connections

Total number of active session(s) 0, and connection(s) 0

i came to the realisation that the incoming dial-peer was negotiating a codec,

dial-peer voice 2300 voip
translation-profile incoming in
voice-class codec 2
incoming called-number .

voice class codec 2
codec preference 1 g729r8
codec preference 2 g711ulaw

in this case it negotiated inbound to g.729.

Since CUE is g711, here it is supposed to invoke a transcoder, but it wasnt

when i removed the voice-class codec call was successful

dial-peer voice 2300 voip
no voice-class codec 2

In summary, i dont know if this is a bug or something, but once the codec has been “negotiated” the CME fails to invoke the transcoder. By removing the codec negotiation, the transcoder was invoked and call was successful

CME#sh scc conn
sess_id    conn_id      stype mode     codec   sport rport ripaddr

1          2            xcode sendrecv g711u   17806 2000
1          1            xcode sendrecv g729    18138 2000

Total number of active session(s) 1, and connection(s) 2