CUCM Device Packs

I was running a DX80 with a CE firmware load but the lab CUCM we had installed did not support the CE Version of code, when i first tried registering the endpoint to the CUCM it came up with the following error: Failed: 485 Ambigious / Device Type Mismatch,i had a look at CUCM to … More CUCM Device Packs

CUCM 7.1.3 upgrade -> 7.1.5 procedure

Upgrade Process for CUCM v7.1.3 -> 7.1.5 Step 1: go to and download the UCS files UCSInstall_UCOS_7.1.5.10000-12.sgn.iso_part1of2 UCSInstall_UCOS_7.1.5.10000-12.sgn.iso_part2of2 Step 2: Once downloaded combine the files and burn the .ISO to CD you can combine the fine in Windows via the c ommand prompt using teh following command: COPY /B UCSInstall_UCOS_7.1.5.10000-12.sgn.iso_part1of2+UCSInstall_UCOS_7.1.5.10000-12.sgn.iso_part2of2 UCSInstall_UCOS_7.1.5.10000-12.sgn.iso Step 3: Verify … More CUCM 7.1.3 upgrade -> 7.1.5 procedure

Cluster Manager service connectivity test

Dec  10 12:04:54 AXD-SUB1 local7 6 : 2432: Dec 10 12:04:54.257 UTC :  %CCM_CLUSTERMANAGER-CLUSTERMANAGER-6-CLM_PeerState: Current ClusterMgr session state. Node’s Name or IP:AXD-PUB Node’s State:POLICY_INJECTED App ID:Cisco Cluster Manager Cluster ID: Node ID:AXD-SUB1 noticed the above notification in the CUCM syslog every few minutes. This is a connectivity test performed by the CUCM cluster manager service … More Cluster Manager service connectivity test

Extracting the MoH file from CUCM

something i noticed while looking through the DRF was the location of the MoH files, ==================================== Server        : BMML-PUB Feature       : CCM Component     : MOH Time Completed: 2011-12-01-09-37-57 Result Code   : 0 Result String : SUCCESS =================================== Backing up the MOH files /usr/local/cm/sftp/mohprep/CiscoMOHSourceReport.xml /usr/local/cm/sftp/mohprep/SampleAudioSource.alaw.wav /usr/local/cm/sftp/mohprep/SampleAudioSource.g729.wav