Intermittent call drops

Symptom: Slp_servreg process causes high cpu utilization on a Unified Communications Manager server. Conditions: Problem is observed for IBM model servers only. This particular defect is applicable to UCM ver 7.x only. Workaround: From the command line interface, issue the “utils snmp hardware-agents restart” command. This should resolve the issue. If not, a server reboot … More Intermittent call drops

Music oh Hold

Step 1: Under Service Param -> IP Voice Media Streaming Apps, set the supported codecs to “G711mulaw” and “729 Anex A” Step 2: under Music on Hold Audio Source Configuration, Allow Multicasting Step 3: Create a MoH Device Pool and add teh MoH Server to the MoH_DP enable multicasting and set the multicast address to … More Music oh Hold