MWI Light in SRST

Setup Remote site connected to CUCM, using CUE via jtapi Issue MWI Light not working in SRST mode Solution i did a MWI refresh all and saw the MWI Messgae come through from NOTIFY sip:4002@;transport=udp SIP/2.0 Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK1WUTp9FrIozXMZEzjWQ0Iw~~4 Max-Forwards: 70 To: <sip:4002@> From: <sip:4002@>;tag=dsad213b8f Call-ID: 38932540-1103@sip:4002@ CSeq: 1 NOTIFY Content-Length: 113 Contact: <sip:4002@> Content-Type: … More MWI Light in SRST

Translation profile on a voice-port or dial-peer

if you apply a translation-profile on the voice-port for an incoming call, it will have an effect “calling number” and “Peer address” Example :- voice translation-rule 2 rule 1 /(.+)/ /901/ type unknown unknown rule 2 /(.+)/ /901/ type national national rule 3 /(.+)/ /9001/ type international international voice translation-profile 20 translate calling 2 Example … More Translation profile on a voice-port or dial-peer