Wrong time on phone

Several phones were  showing wrong time (one hour behind), upon reboot and others were fine.

1) Show clock and double checked NTP settings, NTP syncronysing

phone#sh clock
10:13:16.737 BST Thu Jun 16 2011

phone#sh ntp stat
Clock is synchronized

2) Phone system time zone:-

phone#sh telephony-service | s timez
timezone 21 GMT Standard/Daylight Time

3) Firmware issue – check firmware on cisco compatability for CME Version = SCCP11.8-3-3S

phone#sh ephone phone-load | s 001A2F63CD81
SEP001A2F63CD81    TERM11.DEFAULT         TERM11.DEFAULT        Initialized

huh, whats a TERM11.DEFAULT????

4) reset the phone = no effect

5) erase phone = **# -> settings ->  more -> erase

6) phone restarts upgrading firmware

phone#sh ephone phone-load | s 001A2F63CD81
SEP001A2F63CD81    SCCP11.8-3-3S         TERM11.DEFAULT        Initialized

7) check time, Correct. Success !

View phone display remotely

Whilst troubleshooting a paging application, the developer pointed us to a neat web page, it allows us to view the state of an IP Phone. Useful when troubleshooting.

Step 1:
Add Phone to the control of an Application user

Step 2:
navigate to

http://<Phone IP>/CGI/Screenshot

and enter credentials.

this will allow us to see the phone state.

so if someone calls in and says i cant hear my phone ring:

Its because your phone is on DND …Doh! Continue reading