CUCM Device Packs

I was running a DX80 with a CE firmware load but the lab CUCM we had installed did not support the CE Version of code, when i first tried registering the endpoint to the CUCM it came up with the following error: Failed: 485 Ambigious / Device Type Mismatch,i had a look at CUCM to … More CUCM Device Packs

Wrong time on phone

Issue Several phones were¬† showing wrong time (one hour behind), upon reboot and others were fine. Checks)- 1) Show clock and double checked NTP settings, NTP syncronysing phone#sh clock 10:13:16.737 BST Thu Jun 16 2011 phone#sh ntp stat Clock is synchronized 2) Phone system time zone:- phone#sh telephony-service | s timez timezone 21 GMT Standard/Daylight … More Wrong time on phone