GodMode in Win7

there is a smart feature called GodMode in Win7 that gives you a shortcut to everything… i think :p

basically create a folder called ; Continue reading


What is the port number for ………?

what do you do when you need to know a port number for a protocol that needs to be allowed through a firewall? This is a pretty neat command

phone#show ip port-map skinny
Default mapping:  skinny        tcp port 2000                       system defined

Another example

phone#show ip port-map ssh
Default mapping:  ssh       tcp port 22                         system defined
Default mapping:  ssh       udp port 22                        system defined

Pipe commands

RTR#sh runn | ?
append    Append redirected output to URL (URLs supporting append operation only)
begin                   Begin with the line that matches
exclude              Exclude lines that match
include               Include lines that match
redirect              Redirect output to URL
section               Filter a section of output
tee                       Copy output to URL


RTR#sh runn | s ephone-dn  3
ephone-dn  3  dual-line
number 103 no-reg primary
pickup-group 100
label Brad
description Technical
name Brad
call-forward busy 200
call-forward noan 200 timeout 18

Send Messages

R1#send 3
Enter message, end with CTRL/Z; abort with CTRL/C:

Hi, Have you finished the the config for the Router i gave you?



Send message? [confirm]y

R1#send *
Will send a message to all users logged on

R1#send 3
will send message to a particular user on specific line

R1#send console 0
private message to console port user.

R1#send aux 0
private message to console port user.

R1#send vty 2
private message to a specific VTY port.

To see current Users:
R1#sh users
Line User Host(s) Idle Location
* 0 con 0 idle 00:00:00
3 vty 0 cisco idle 00:04:58