What is the port number for ………?

what do you do when you need to know a port number for a protocol that needs to be allowed through a firewall? This is a pretty neat command phone#show ip port-map skinny Default mapping:  skinny        tcp port 2000                       system defined Another example phone#show ip port-map ssh Default mapping:  ssh       tcp port 22                         system defined Default … More What is the port number for ………?

iPhone/Pod/Pad Console Cable

The Guys on the Service Desk were saying that there is virtually an App for everything, so true…I came across this pretty cool device.  Redpark have developed this Console cable to  connect to Cisco Gear. buy this device and Install the “Get Console” App from the App store and your off!

Pipe commands

RTR#sh runn | ? append    Append redirected output to URL (URLs supporting append operation only) begin                   Begin with the line that matches exclude              Exclude lines that match include               Include lines that match redirect              Redirect output to URL section               Filter a section of output … More Pipe commands

Send Messages

Example: R1#send 3 Enter message, end with CTRL/Z; abort with CTRL/C: Hi, Have you finished the the config for the Router i gave you? Thanks Yusuf ^Z Send message? [confirm]y R1# R1#send * Will send a message to all users logged on R1#send 3 will send message to a particular user on specific line R1#send … More Send Messages