Free Online HardDrive

If you didnt already know this then where were you???lol

for those with a Gmail account, there is a virtual filesystem which allows you to use your gmail account as a ‘Online HardDrive’, so when you login to your account with the extension it appears like a hard drive on your system and everytime you copy something to it it automatically sends you a email that you have copied something to the account

Link for the Download


Google Cheat Sheet

here is a really good quick reference cheat sheet of google services, you can print out and keep for future reference >>> adelaider

The two pages of Google Cheat Sheets cover:-

  • A list of all Google domains
  • Company information
    • Founded Date
    • Key People
    • Revenue
    • Employees
    • Contact Address
    • Contact Phone & Fax
  • PageRank
    • Googlebot 2.1 Addresses
    • List of sites with PageRank 10
    • PageRank formula
  • Google Form Elements
  • Google Services
  • Query structure to access directory listings of:-
    • Music files
    • Movie files
  • List of basic Google Calculator operators
  • List of advanced Google Search operators
  • List of Google Investments
  • List of fun Google services and tools
  • List of 15 official Google Blogs
  • Google Calculator examples
  • Search by number examples

And more!

Ideal for novice, intermediate and advanced Google users!

FREE Google Broadband

this is a radical new system which appears to have been launched quite recently by none other than Google.
No setup fee, no monthly fee.
8MB download.
I reckon there will be a huge demand for this service.

.Relieve yourself from your existing provider.

Visit Google TiSP (BETA)