accessing the Core dump File

This section forms part of my diagnosis on a failed subscriber and the identification onto why it failed, The CUCM creates a core dump file when it experiences a fault.

This can be found on the RTMT Alert central and the Application Event log:-

 Nov 30 00:19:35 BMML-SUB1 local7 2 : 0: Nov 30 00:19:35.810 UTC :  %CCM_LPM-LPMTCT-2-CoreDumpFileFound: The new core dump file(s) have been found in the system. TotalCoresFound:1 CoreDetails:The following lists up to 6 cores dumped by corresponding applications. Core1:Cisco CallManager (core.2951.6.ccm.1322612299) App ID:Cisco Log Partition Monitoring Tool Cluster ID: Node ID:BMML-SUB1 Continue reading