Google Unified Messaging (GUM) integration to Cisco CUE via IMAP

CUE -> CME -> ADSL Router -> Internet

CUE Configuration

 Enable the imap service

service imap
maxsessions 3
session idletimeout 120
end imap

Create a Group with Integrated messaging capability and assign user to that group Continue reading


Configuring VoiceView on CUE

Step 1: Configure VoiceView in CUE

CUE(config)# service voiceview
CUE(config-voiceview)# ?
enable      Enable the voiceview service
end            Leave voiceview configuration mode
no              Delete configuration command
default     Use default value
session     voiceview session
CUE(config-voiceview)# enable
CUE(config-voiceview)# session ?
idletimeout       Session idle timeout
CUE(config-voiceview)# session idletimeout 15

Step 2: Search for VoiceView Url in CUE

 CUE# show voiceview configuration
Phone service URL:       http://<CUE-hostname>/voiceview/common/
Enabled:                 Yes
Idle Timeout (minutes):  15

Step 3: Configure URL in CME

CME(config-telephony)#url servhttp://
Updating CNF files
CNF files updating complete


Step 3: Check Sessions

CUE# show voicev ses

Mailbox         RTP User ID                         Phone MAC Address
1002            No  phone2                            0026.0BD6.FF41
1001            No  phone1                            0025.84A2.BC70

2 session(s)
0 active RTP stream(s)

You can also add this as a Service in CUCM.

CM to CUE Voicemail problem

scenario #
CM -> Gatekeeper -> CME -> CUE

When CUCM user calls CME User and reaches voicemail, the call fails. they get a fast busy tone.

I had a look to see whether it was transcoding, but it wasnt

CME#sh scc connections

Total number of active session(s) 0, and connection(s) 0

i came to the realisation that the incoming dial-peer was negotiating a codec,

dial-peer voice 2300 voip
translation-profile incoming in
voice-class codec 2
incoming called-number .

voice class codec 2
codec preference 1 g729r8
codec preference 2 g711ulaw

in this case it negotiated inbound to g.729.

Since CUE is g711, here it is supposed to invoke a transcoder, but it wasnt

when i removed the voice-class codec call was successful

dial-peer voice 2300 voip
no voice-class codec 2

In summary, i dont know if this is a bug or something, but once the codec has been “negotiated” the CME fails to invoke the transcoder. By removing the codec negotiation, the transcoder was invoked and call was successful

CME#sh scc conn
sess_id    conn_id      stype mode     codec   sport rport ripaddr

1          2            xcode sendrecv g711u   17806 2000
1          1            xcode sendrecv g729    18138 2000

Total number of active session(s) 1, and connection(s) 2