Oracle/AcmePacket 3820 SBC replacement

19452417 – 11/01/2013 Bootloader for Acme Packet 3800 and 4500 (Patchset)
20981230 – Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller ECZ720p5 for 3820 (Patchset)

These are the steps to replacing Orable SBC in a cluster:-

1.. Get “old” S/N bootparam,passwords and take backup so one..
2.. Power down the SBC
3.. Move the HW to new system
4.. connect Serial console
5..power on chassis
6.. move bootparams
7.. don’t change image yet,reboot
8.. login by network
9..Transfer correct image
10.. Check boot loaders
11.. Upgrade if needed
13..Boot on correct Image
14.. Get new S/N
15.. License you need to call in to get a temp license  . when you have all needed information.  old,new S/N
16.. acquire config
17..Request for a permanent License

to Get Serial Number

#show version boot

once you have received your license you can apply the license as follows:

sbc# conf t
sbc(configure)# system
sbc(system)# license
sbc(license)# add ‘license key here’

You can then use the show command to verify that the license was installed:

sbc(license)# show
License #1: 32000 sessions, SIP, MGCP, H323, IWF, QOS, ACP,

Routing, Load Balancing, Accounting, High Availability, PAC, LI, External BW Mgmt, External Policy Services, ENUM

no expiration

installed at 21:47:11 FEB 18 2016

Total session capacity: 32000